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I’m a Digital Signal Processing Engineer and entrepreneur focused on the intersection of the world with my field. Through the use of signals and subject matter experts I aim to change the way we interpret the world for the better. Currently I am a Sr. Software Engineer at Textio. Check out an 99 second video explanation of what we do…

Outside of work I just earned my PhD at the University of Central Florida (on March 2nd I defended) in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Signal Processing. In my remaining time I volunteer my technical expertise for a variety of causes. I’ve published several papers for industry and academia, am an inventor on three patents. My PhD Research is on Non Linear Post Conversion Correction of Time Interleaved Analog to Digital converters. Feel free to ask me for a 60 second explanation of this topic.

The best place to find up to date information on my professional or volunteer activities is on LinkedIn; however, twitter is where you can follow me for a wealth of resources I come across as well a good place to reach out and chat about current events in tech, human rights, equality, and education.

Take some time to explore my site to find resources that may interest you as well as find out more about my passion projects. For now, a few of the organizations I currently and regularly volunteer with are listed here as well as links to their sites.