Introduction and Hello to GHC Attendees

Hello readers interested in GHC 11!
It is hard to believe another year has passed and I get to see all of you once again. This year is going to be the largest yet and I am so very excited to meet all the new attendees and attend all of the wonderful sessions.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Charna Parkey and I am a Sr. Signal Processing Engineer at Astronics DME Corporation. I have 6 years of industry experience and I am working on my PhD at the University of Central Florida. I am very involved in online and offline communities and love to collaborate with all majors on projects and products. This will be my 4th GHC!
Again this year I am volunteering with the Communities Committee, except this year I am a Co-Chair with Valerie Fenwick! Our job is to make sure that the conference has complete coverage on all of our online communities: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn, and Wiki Notes
We need your help to keep the discussions and community alive, are you registered to attend and love blogging, taking live notes in sessions or already follow twitter 24/7? Contact us we would love to hear from you!
Also feel free to leave comments introducing yourself  mentioning what kinds of topics you would like covered by our bloggers.
Signing off until next time,